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friend of the family

young netie started this conversation
I am single mother in need of help i have one child am i am out of work i stay in a low in come apartment and pay low rent i also get food stamps but there are things that i must pay for other then my rent. Cleaning supplies for my home. I need money to clean my childs clothes for school and as well as my self I have car that need the heads fix I only get $300.00 a mouth and out of that i must pay bills keep my self clean and child. My child shoes are getting much too small for her feet i am not able to by any kind of needed thing like fixing my car or shoes for my child i need help with lots of all these needs in my life. The are no jobs that i can apply for out here at this time i must get there get my car fIxed
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I'm sorry to hear about what your presently going through.
Please feel free to view the resources on my homepage.
You will find some assistance there.
Time's like these can be very difficult to deal with, and be overwhelming at times, but one thing rest assure that there is a God that love's you. He love's you, and want's to provide for you.
It can be difficult to believe in what you don't see. I haven't seen Jesus, but I have clearly seen his presence move in the midst of my life that left me in awe.
He will help you, but you must by faith accept Jesus into your life, and believe that he is a rewarder to those who seek HIM.
Seek Jesus my friend, and you shall find HIM.
Make HIM lord of your life, and you will never regret it.
Shalom, love, and blessing's.
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